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1/12th scale resin sliding canopy hatch

1 per pack.    110mm long x 48mm wide x 12mm tall.      minor construction required

Price  £ 5.00

1/12th scale resin mushroom vent

4 per pack.  13mm diameter x 7mm tall.    minor construction required

Price  £ 2.40

1/12th scale resin deck cowl vent

1 per pack.  18mm diameter x 15mm tall.  minor construction needed

Price  £ 1.40

1/12th scale resin french type vent

1 per pack.  29mm diameter x 58mm tall.  minor construction needed

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin life ring

1 per pack.  64mm diameter

Price  £ 1.90

1/12 th scale resin scuttle hatch round.

1 per pack.   11mm depth x 52mm diameter.    some minor construction required.

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin scuttle hatch round

1 per pack.  62mm width x 48mm depth x 6mm height.  minor construction is required.

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin Engine Room vent

1 per pack .  105mm tall x 55mm face diameter.  minor construction required.

Price  £ 5.20

1/12th scale resin roof vent

1 per pack.  47mm height x 28mm face diameter.  minor construction required

Price  £ 2.70

1/12th scale resin angled bollard

2 per pack.  37mm long x 13mm wide x 20mm tall.  minor construction needed

Price  £ 2.10

1/12th scale resin fairlead

2 per pack.  32mm long x 10mm wide x 10mm tall

Price  £ 1.80

1/12th scale resin bullring

1 per  pack.  18mm wide x 9mm tall x 7mm depth

Price  £ 1.20

1/12th scale resin bridge door complete with glazed panel

1 per pack . 154mm tall x 76mm wide . minor construction required.

Price  £ 2.70

1/12th scale resin  water tight door 4 panel

1 per pack.  144mm tall x 79 mm wide

Price  £ 2.80

1/12th scale resin davit ( rope shown not included)

1 per pack.  130mm tall .  minor construction is needed

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin Baricoe

1 per pack.  47mm long x 26mm diameter. ( stand not included)

Price  £ 2.20

1/12th scale resin winch

1 per pack.  32mm wide x 26mm depth x 24mm tall.      minor construction required

Price  £ 3.90

1/12th scale resin oil drum

1 per pack.  72mm tall x 50mm diameter.  minor construction needed.

Price  £ 2.90

1/12th scale resin radar

1 per pack. 65mm diameter x 35mm tall

Price  £ 3.70

1/12th scale resin  side windows

2 per pack.  65mm tall x 46mm wide

Price  £ 3.20

1/12th scale resin window square

1 per pack .     55mm width x 65mm  height

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin window oblong

1 per pack.  65mm tall x 46 wide

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin water tight door

1 per pack.  125mm tall x 65mm wide.  minor construction needed.

Price  £ 3.20

1/12th scale resin square hatch

1 per pack.  55mm wide x 63 depth x 5mm tall.  minor construction will be required.

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin ball type fender( rope shown not included)

1 per pack.  35mm diameter

Price  £ 2.50

1/12th scale Rope D Large

1 per pack.   61mm diameter

Price  £ 1.90

1/12th scale Rope E Large

1 per pack.       100mm width

Price  £ 1.90

1/12th scale  Rope in basket

1 per pack.  35mm height x 47mm diameter

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale square life raft

1 per pack.    55mm width x 36mm depth x 27mm height

minor construction is required.

Price  £ 3.70

1/12th scale resin Fish in Bucket

1 per pack.  54mm height x 48mm diameter

Price  £ 5.20

1/12th scale resin tray of sharks
1 per pack.  54mm width x 66mm depth x 24mm tall

Price  £ 5.20

1/12th scale resin fire hose reel

1 per pack.  40mm width x 36mm tall

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin deck cleaning  4 piece set

minor construction required.

Price  £ 4.70

1/12th scale resin fire extinguisher complete with identification sticker

1 per pack.  46mm tall x 13mm diameter

Price  £ 2.70

1/12th scale resin 5 gallon oil drum

1 per pack.  40mm tall x 25mm diameter

Price  £ 1.50

1/12th scale resin crab tray with crab detailing

1 per pack. 52mm long x 42mm wide x 15mm tall.   ( picture shows a water effect, this is not included)

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin life jacket

1 per pack.  35mm wide x 37mm tall

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin first aid box complete with identification sticker

1 per pack.  27mm wide x 52mm tall x 17mm deep

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin hanging rope

1 per pack.  17mm width x 12mm depth x 67mm height

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin seagull A

1 per pack.  83mm width.  some minor construction required( feet to be attached)

Price  £ 2.20

1/12th scale resin seagull B

1 per pack.  15mm width.  some minor construction is required ( feet to be attached)

Price  £ 1.70

1/12th scale resin modern life raft

1  per pack.   90mm width x 50mm diameter.  some minor construction required

Price  £ 4.95

1/12th scale resin  Lifeboat door This has both internal and external detailing.

1 per pack.    60mm width x 4mm depth x 92mm height.   some construction is required.

Price  £ 5.20

1/12th scale resin wheelie bin  , with internal detail.

1 per pack . 62mm width x 59mm depth x 95mm height.  minor construction required.

Price  £ 5.20

1/12th scale resin fender

2 per pack .  55mm height x 16mm diameter.   ( rope shown not included)

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin storage locker, lid could be displayed open or shut.  ( Lid support and locker contents shown are not included).
1 per pack. 104mm width x 54mm depth x 79mm height.  minor construction required.

Price  £ 6.20

1/12th scale resinTyne aft water tight door.

1 per pack   60mm wide x 65mm tall.   minor construction required   

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat fuel filler cover.

1 per pack.  50mm wide x 60mm tall.  

Price  £ 3.20

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat deck light fitting.

6 per pack.  15mm wide x 11mm tall.

Price  £ 3.70

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat style bollard.

2 per pack.   45mm wide x 16mm tall x 13mm depth.   minor construction required.

Price  £ 2.20

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat access hatch.

1 per pack .  70mm wide x 79mm tall.

Price  £ 4.20

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat front bollard.
1 per pack.   
base 43mm sq x 50mm tall x 18mm post.

Price  £ 3.70

1/12th scale resin Lifeboat rear towing bollard.

1 per pack.  base 60mm x 45mm  x44mm tall x 11mm post.

Price  £ 3.95

1/12th scale resin Gas bottles with identification sticker

2 per pack.  66mm tall x 20mm dia.  minor construction required.

Price  £ 4.70

1/12th scale resin Plastic chemical drum with identification sticker

1 per pack,  68mm tall x 39mm dia,   minor construction required.

Price  £ 2.90
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