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1/24th scale resin pile of stones

1 per pack. 50mm height x 80mm diameter

Price  £ 3.20

1/24th scale resin 'Macs Nursery C'

1 per pack . 50mm tall x 30mm diameter

Price  £ 1.90

1/48th scale resin Sea Cat Detector.

1 per pack.   38mm dia x 43mm tall.   minor construction required.

Price  £ 4.20

1/24th scale resin 'Macs Nursery D'

2 per pack .  18mm tall x 22mm diameter

Price  £ 1.70
1/24th scale resin capstan
1 per pack
Price  £ 4.40

1/24th scale resin deck vent ( short)  .  3 per pack. 24mm tall x 15mm diameter

Price  £ 1.40

1/24th scale resin railway sleepers 7 stack.  

  1 per pack.   25mm width x 25mm depth x 108mm height

Price  £ 3.90

1/24th scale resin railway sleepers 5 stack.      

1 per pack . 108mm long x 25mm wide x 20mm tall

Price  £ 2.90

1/24th scale resin pond with lily /rock detailing.  (plant pot is cast seperately so minor  construction is  required )

1 per pack.     94mm x 130mm x 38mm .      water effect is for display purposes only and not supplied.

Price  £ 5.40

1/24th scale resin 'Macs Nursery Potting set'

1 set of 12 pieces  per pack.

Price  £ 3.90

1/24th scale resin depth charge projector.  1 per pack.  64mm tall x 45mm wide

some minor construction is  required

Price  £ 3.90

1/48th scale resin Depth Charge Projector.

1 per pack.  20mm wide x 25mm tall.  minor construction required

Price  £ 2.40
12 items total

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