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   FULL CREW  available from AUGUST 23RD 2014
£15.00 each
This is how it works

1. Pick a crew figure (Carl,Rocky,Eric or Will)
2. Choose a head
3. Add your imagination

(No head choices for Maxine or Young Dick )

All Figures are sold unpainted with minor construction required. 

(To enlarge images just click it)
More images of Carl  Carl

Age :27
Hgt : 6'
Role: Deckhand

The Captain's son
Fishing is all Karl has known

He works hard & plays even harder

He will take over from MAC , but only when Mac thinks the time is right

More images of Rocky  Rocky

Age: 45
Hgt: 5'9½"
Role: Chief Engineer

Rocky & MAC go way back

This role always had his name on it , Long before Rocky even knew.

Ex-body builder, and although the pies have caught up with him , nobody messes with Rocky
More images of Eric  Eric

Age : 54
Hgt : 5'10"
Role: Chief Deckhand

The Elder statesman of the crew
Fishing is Eric's life

"work til you drop" is Eric's motto

More images of Will  Will
Age : 36
Height: 5'11"
Role: Deckhand/Medic

Ex-military medic
Will keeps himself to himself

Head Choices  Once you have chosen your desired fisherman figure , choose which head you would like .

(Maxine or Young Dick have no head choices )

Heads are included in the cost of your figure.

additional heads can be  purchased at  £5.00 each 

More images of Maxine  Maxine

Age : 28
Hgt : 5'6"
Role: Chief cook

Former glamour model, engaged to deckhand Carl.

Every hungry crew needs a 'Maxine' in their life.
More Image of Young Dick the Deck boy  Young Dick the deck boy

Age : 16

Grandson Of Eric

spends his school breaks ' learning the ropes'

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